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“Life” – a Fantastic BBC & David Attenborough Nature Documentary Series in HD

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Once in a while you come across something extra-ordinary that will make you open your mouth and say WAAAW!. Nature is full of that WAW and many such things are captured in Full HD in the BBC Documentary Series called “Life“. Produced by the BBC Natural History Unit using state of the art filming technology. For nature lovers, this is bigger than James Cameron’s Avatar 3D.

Life - BBC Earth HD Documentary Series

Narrated by none other than David Attenborough – the series is spectacular in showing the goodness of nature as well as telling the story in a way that you will forget yourself and wont realise your mouth is open since a loong time.


Full Moon in HD – Brightest and Biggest Full Moon in 2010

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Full Moon in HDHad been to our native place last weekend and with a brand new HD camcorder (Canon Vixia HF20), I was desperate to film something or rather everything. Luck was in pocket that day and My Grand Father said he has read in newspaper that today we can see the brightest and biggest full moon in 2010 (at 8PM on January 30th, 2010 – read article below). And why would I leave such opportunity to test the Zoom and Hi-Definition in camcorder. I had my Photo tripod positioned by evening and was ready to go. Captured a loooot of Full Moon around 8PM.  This is known as Wolf Moon in the West. This being the second Full moon in the same month, it is also a Blue Moon. It sure appeared to be bigger than normal. Happy Moon and Happy Me.

Here is one of several clips of that day:


1 Calf, 6 Lions, 2 Crocks and a 200 Strong Herd of Buffalos – Its Called The Battle at Kruger

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Being a Big Fan of Channels like Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel, The Animal Planet and The Travel and Living, there is no day that I watch TV without seeing what’s running on these channels. Yesterday was just one of those days when I was watching NGC’s Most Amazing Moments and I soon realized I was watching one of the best wildlife video footage ever caught on tape.

Well, It was an 1hr30min episode on NGC. Normally any episode lasts for only 30 or 60min right? Well, this was special, very special. We are talking about a holiday video which was set to be one of the best wildlife video ever shot. It is now the most watched wild life video on YouTube. The video tops all other wildlife videos posted by BBC, NGC, Animal Planet that were shot by full time professional wildlife photographers.

The NGC’s documentary mentioned the video on YouTube, no of views it got and highlighted at least 2 dozen good comments among some 30K comments at the time of creation of the NGC documentary, I’m guessing that was in 2008. The video was shot in September 2004 according to Wikipedia.

Battle at Kruger is an eight-minute amateur wildlife video that depicts an unfolding confrontation between a herd of Cape Buffalo, a small pride of lions, and one or two crocodiles. The video was shot in September 2004 at the Transport Dam watering hole in Kruger National Park, South Africa, during a Safari guided by Frank Watts. It was filmed by videographer David Budzinski and photographer Jason Schlosberg.

The Video on YouTube now has close to a 50 million views and 60K comments. The video was all over the press, both News Papers and News Channels. Check out the press section on this site.

In one line, this is one such footage, that professional wildlife photographers with all those top quality equipment and by spending all their life in the wild will die to capture at least 1/4th of it. And when some guy on a holiday gets it just like that, you can only imagine how it feels for a Pro.

Dereck Joubert, a photographer and writer for National Geographic says in the NGC documentary:     "There is no doubt at all that the tourist who shot that scene was unbelievably lucky. I mean, we would’ve considered ourselves lucky to have had that whole scene happen in front of us."

Watch it and I am sure you will learn something and will never forget it.


Awesome April 2009 Desktop Wallpapers

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These wallpapers should change your boring desktop to an interesting one filled with life!


April-2009-Calendar-5April-2009-Calendar-8 April-2009-Calendar-13

Checkout more April 2009 wallpapers here and here.


Cool Ways to Photograph Moon

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Really cool collection of photos. Author is unknown.

Cool Ways to Photograph Moon


What an Idiot!

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originally uploaded by Gangavalli.

What kind of an idiot loads a rock into a container on a speeding truck?


The Guatemala Skinhole

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Imagine a Huge Hole into the Earch in the street next to yours. And This one would be far beyond your imagination for sure.
What you see here is the Guatemala Skinhole which swallowed some 30 stories of holmes.

Guatemala Skinhole Photo
National Geographic

February 26, 2007—
After rumbling for weeks, part of a poor Guatemala City neighborhood plummeted some 30 stories into the Earth on Friday.

The reportedly 330-foot-deep (100-meter-deep) sinkhole swallowed about a dozen homes and is so far blamed in the deaths of three people—two teenagers, found floating in torrent of sewage, and their father, who was pulled from the chasm.

Rainstorms and a ruptured sewer main may have caused the sinkhole, officials in Guatemala told the Associated Press. After the collapse, the seemingly bottomless depths gave off tremors, sounds of flowing water, and the scent of sewage.

Sinkholes can occur when underground rocks that can be dissolved by water—such as salt, gypsum, and limestone—are inundated. The removal of groundwater can also leave gaps underground that can lead to sinkholes.

While the cause of the Guatemala City abyss remains uncertain, it’s effects are undeniable.

Police established a 500-yard (457-meter) no-go zone around the sinkhole, and nearly a thousand people were forced to evacuate—some perhaps forever.

“Last night a friend had to take my handicapped wife out on motorcycle,” 15-year resident Antonio Fuentes, 50, told the Associated Press. “Now I’m leaving for good, never to come back.”

Amazing but a Tragedy it is.


Presenting Maha Videos, a short videos sharing website

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Maha Videos

Introducing Maha Videos, a new online video archive with short funny videos, funny TV commercials, game trailers and more. Though not another youtube, it will have some selected user submitted videos.

This site will be updated with some cool videos from time to time. So, register with the site and keep coming back.

note: You might need a broadband connection to watch some videos.


Satyam Sivam Sundaram!

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Satyam Sivam Sundaram!

I was browsing Flickr photos for more than an 5 hours now(from 8PM to 1:AM+). I have come across hundreds of amazing pics some of which I have added to my favorites. Browsed photos of award winning Photographers and many top rated collections. I can say most of them were uncomparable. But amongst all, this little girl keet my eyes looking at her for more than a while. The lighting is perfect and so is the sweet smile. I am sure it would be better than this if the cam got her eyes straight. Just wanted to show the rest of the world this Indian Beauty. The smile is priceless!